Triptych of Crucifixion



Triptych composed of five pieces of ivory: central panel, upper and lower frame bars, wings. One of the most elaborately painted of all Byzantine ivories. There is extensive gilding on the central panel; gilding and blue in the eyes of the figures on the right wing; gilding and blue pigment on verso. Centre: crucifixion with Virgin (left) and St. John (right. Sun (left) and moon (right) above. Left wing: the archangel Michael (above), St. Paul (centre) and St. Theodore (below). Right wing: the archangel Gabriel (above), St. Peter (centre) and St. George (below). Back of each wing: a cross. The triptych to which this panel belonged served as a portable icon. This is one of the few Byzantine triptychs to survive in its complete and original state, but for the replacement ivory on the wings.