TSS Cedric



Harland & Wolff Ltd builder's model of the White Star Line's Twin Screw Steamship (TSS) Cedric. Cedric was one of White Star's famous 'Big Four', the immediate predecessors of the company's Olympic-class ships. She embarked on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 11 February 1903. For over a decade the ship plied the transatlantic route, until she was requisitioned for war service in late 1914. After initial conversion to an Armed Merchant Cruiser, she was then fitted out for use as a troopship, and in 1917 entered the Liner Requisition Scheme. During this service, Cedric collided with schooner Yvonne-Odette in July 1917, causing the schooner to sink with 24 crew members lost. A further incident occurred in January 1918 when Cedric collided with Canadian Pacific’s ship Montreal, the latter sinking the following day. Cedric survived the war and was refitted by Harland & Wolff before resuming her regular transatlantic route. She embarked on her final crossing in September 1931 and was scrapped the following year.