Upper Mersey Navigation Commission



The Upper Mersey Navigation Commission was established by Act of Parliament in 1876. Its duties were the maintenance of lights and buoys on the upper estuary from a line between Garston and Eastham and Bank Quay, Warrington, for which it could levy dues. It was wound up in 1973. The collection includes Minute Books, 1876-1963; Ledgers, 1877-1955. Dues received registers, 1903-1964. Superintendent's Reports, 1904-1947. Log Books of Commission's vessels, 1921. Hale Lighthouse records, 1933-1958. Misc. correspondence & papers from 1860, including brief history of UMNC. Charts, c. 1870-c. 1970. Reports of the Mersey Conservancy, 1878-1971.