Upper Mersey Navigation Commission, records from William Royle Snelson (1914 - 1992), Clerk to the UMNC.



The Upper Mersey Navigation Commission was established by Act of Parliament in 1876. Its duties were the maintenance of lights and buoys on the upper estuary from a line between Garston and Eastham and Bank Quay, Warrington, for which it could levy dues. It was wound up in 1973. This material was collected and held by William Royle Snelson (3 June 1914 - 5 January 1992) during his employment with the UMNC from 1936-1973, based in Weston Point, Runcorn. The material (which may be further appraised) includes: legal documents, agreement, leases etc. Byelaws and notices and reports produced by the Commissioners. Register of Electors, 1877. Letters and Correspondence. Acts of Parliament. Records of Casualties 1888-1893. MDHB Rough list of wrecks and casualties, 1900-1941. Auditors Balance Sheets, 1880s-1962. List of Commissions, indexed. 'Deck Log' of tasks, 1900-1941, 1971. Notes and copy photographs on UMNC and William Snelson, complied by his son, Barry. Photographs: Various views of vessels, Mersey shoreline, navigational aids including buoys, navigational hazards, including 'Seldom Seen Rocks', large captured fish. Mounted photographs of navigational vessels Speke, Arthur Sinclair(Ditton), Ince, GR Jebb, all belonging to the UMNC. Ship ashore at ?, 1899. Old Hale Head and new Hale Head lighthouses, with staff and keeper, images by J A Rigby of Runcorn, c1906. Series of 5 numbered mounted photographs of Weston Mersey Lock and Sill, January 1922.