LL 9301


Vase, with ovoid body, baluster stem, and spreading foot. Gourd-shaped shoulder, with high neck and trumpet-shaped mouth. Made of glass of various colours, with ornaments carved in low relief. The foot is dark jade-green, with a band of leaf-shaped ornaments. On the stem is a yellow band with key fret pattern and a dark red band with ju-i (ruyi ''as-you-wish'') pattern. The sides are milk-white, with bronze designs of archaic scrolls; above which is a band of stiff scroll design in pink on white ground. The bulb of the shoulder is milk-white with archaic designs, above which is a band of archaic dragons and fungus in deep ruby-red on white. At the base of the neck are bands of white and yellow with key fret and ju-i patterns; and the neck is a clouded red with a band of stiff leaves, and a border of blue. Carved ivory stand. Qianlong mark incised in four characters under the base.