South Italian pelike, thin ring base, a low round body, a thick and short neck and a wide and flat rim. The pelike has two vertical thick handles from the shouler to underneath the rim. It is decorated in the Plain Apulian red-figure on black background style. The scene on the main body is of a woman standing in a 3/4 position with her left leg straight and the right leg slightly bent and to the side. Her face is facing the side, her hair is tied on the back in a long and thick knot and she holds a wreath or diadem in her left hand, the right hand raised and pointing towards perhaps to the man on the other side of the vase. On the black slip free space of the woman there is a rosette and at the low right a ivy leaf. Under the woman's feet there is a band of running waves. The man on the other side is nude, his body is also in a 3/4 position with the right leg straight and the left one bent and to the side. His face is also in profile, the only details that survive in red slip are of the outline of his eyes and tousles of his hair, the muscles of his torso, fingers and toes. He holds a diadem or a wreath in his left hand, a strigil in the right hand. There are some details like the back of the man's head and the half palmette decoration on the sides of the pelike as well as the wreaths in thick white. A red band of ovolo decoration is at the base of the neck.