Rhodian Late Geometric II kantharos, a drinking cup with a splayed ring base, a low conical body and a cylindrical upper part which opens up wide at the tip. There is a carination at the neck. and two large vertical loop handles, extending above the wide rim.. Most of body and handles are decorated with Geometric motifs: a band of three vertical lozenges made up of five smaller lozenges in their interior, the smaller ones filled in with cross hatched design. The large vertica llozenges have in betwen them, thinner panels made up of single and to the sides double vertical arrows and parallel vertical lines framing them. The last panel in this band close to the handle has a design of a four petal flower. Underneath this top band there is another band of uprights triangles filled with a cross hatched design. The lower part of the kantharos has a broader band with three vertical lozenges with a chess like design of small cross hatched lozenges. The big lozenges are framed by parallel vertical lines with opposed or pointed triangles in between them. The other side has a similar design: the upper band has interconnected and opposed triangles as well as vertical arrows in between the chess filled cross hatched lozenges. In the lower broad band the design is of vertical lozenges but there is meander in betweem them. The handles have decoration which repeats all the patters of the main body: vertical triangles, vertical lozenges and horizontal lines. The area just above the base is painted red brown and so is is the base. The interior of the kantharos is in dark brown.