Vessel Fragment



Fragment of a vessel decorated with blue painted petals. Mud stuck to the inside surface. Auction sticker on the back: 379/8. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum 78246: "FRAGMENT. Pottery, red, blue, painted decoration. 3 ¼" X 1 ½". Egyptian". Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 12 November 1928 (unspecified collector) by Mr. Wilkes for Wellcome Lot 379: "A stone Slab. 6 in. by 3 in. with cartouche of Ramses II. 19th Dynasty. Egyptian; a Pottery Lid of a canopic jar with head of Mestba. Modelled and painted. 4 in. high ; an Egyptian alabaster Vase. 4in. High : the Fragment of a Student's Trialpiece. with relief head of a King on either side: and four fragments".