Virgin and Child with the Massacre of the Innocents card

Virgin and Child with the Massacre of the Innocents

WAG 1017

Currently not on display


A woman (the Virgin) sits in the foreground wearing a drab mottled greeny-brown dress, and red drapery, with a transparent veil on her head. She holds in her left hand a round fruit, which sheoffers to a small baby (the Christ Child), whom she cradles in her right arm, whilst the baby holds onto the neck of the Virgin's dress. She is seated on the edge of a wooden tub of grass and in front of a wooden post or tree trunk, which is cut off by the top of the picture panel. In the middle of the wooded river landscape behind 13 figures, some on horseback, fight each pther or run away, and in the background to the left a trio of figures, a man, woman and toddler, probably representing the Holy Family, walk away from the scene along a sandy path.Shown on the left edge of the panel is a well with a counterweighted arm.