Vodou Flag (Drapo)



Ferraille / Danthor: This flag shows a pairing of two spirits. Ferraille refers to Ogou Ferraille one of the group of Ogou spirits whose name derives from Ogun, the Yoruba god of iron. In the Vodou pantheons Ogou is a hot-tempered warrior who fights for justice. He rules over all things made of iron, including vehicles. St. James Major or St Jaques (frequently depicted as St George) seems to be another name for this spirit. Ezili Dantò (or Danthor) is a dark Petwo spirit imagined as a hardworking and fiercely protective mother. She is linked with Catholic madonnas with Christ child but her own child is a daughter called Anaïs. Her signs include knives, hearts and blood. She is the bitter rival of Ezili Freda, the Rada spirit of love.