Votive head



Votive head constructed of a moulded front slab attached to a hand-made plain backing modeled into a domed shape to create an open, elliptical base on which the head stands. There is a large, roughly cut-out vent-hole in the upper back, surrounded by stroke-marks from a stick used to smooth the surface. Traces of white slip in the eye and hair on right side. The female face has round eyes, finely delineated features and hair, soft mouth and long curls in shallow relief trailing along the front outer edges of the piece. She wears button earrings. Her hair falls in soft, bouffant waves from a slightly off-center parting with a single long, wavy lock in relief on either side of the neck and framed by the projecting edge of the backing. Traces of pink on the flesh in addition to traces of white paint or slip in places. On the back is a red wax seal impression with a large crest.