Waiting: The monument to the Liverpool working horse



Waiting: The monument to the Liverpool working horse, was unveiled on 1st May 2010 on the quayside outside the Museum of Liverpool. For more than 250 years horse were used to move goods to and from Liverpool docks and businesses. At their peak more than 20,000 horses worked on the streets of Liverpool, more than in any other city outside London. There was no direct railway connection to most of the seven mile dock estate, so goods had to be carted out of the docks to warehouses or to railway goods stations. Liverpool carters and their horses kept supply lines open during two World Wars and their contribution to the city’s economy was immense. The importance of the carters and their horses was in danger of being lost, but the members of the Liverpool Carter’s Association have kept their history alive by their determined efforts, fundraising for nearly 13 years to get recognition for the Liverpool Working Horse in the form of this life-size monument to the Liverpool working horse. The monument was created by Judy Boyt FRSA, a renowned equine sculptor whose work is in private and public collections around the world, in consultation with the Liverpool Carter’s Association.