Wall Relief Fragment card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Wall Relief Fragment


Currently not on display


Limestone fragment with relief carving of hieroglyphs. Preserved three hieroglphs in the left column read 'flesh' (if). Described as being a fragment from "Thebes and Deir-el-Bahri" in the 1906 auction catalogue of the Robert de Rustafjaell collection, sold at Sotheby's (1906, p. 6, lot 58). Either from a Middle Kingdom or New Kingdom monument. Stuck to the surface is a white label with the printed number "8" over a circular sticker with pencil "58" stuck over a rectangular sticker with printed number that cannot be determined. Some trace of a red annotation under the stickers. Sold at Sotheby's 1906, 19-21 Dec Lot 58/6: "Other fragments in sand and limestone-kneeling figure of woman, etc., men with offerings, etc.; Thebes and Deir-el-Bahri".