Wall Relief Fragment



Limestone fragment of raised relief decoration from a tomb or temple wall with representations of two birds being held by their wings by an offering bearer. Remains of paint in are visible in places: blue background, yellow for the hand and red/brown for the birds. On reverse there are remains of an unclear pencil marking which is possibly 54/ 8. Two rectangular labels were stuck to the surface with printed numbers 738 and 208 (crossed out). Both removed in 2008. On one side there is a red pencil mark reading Del - ba...? (difficult to read). Described as being from Deir el-Bahri in the 1906 sale catalogue of the Robert de Rustafjaell collection, sold at Sold at Sotheby's 1906, 19-21 Dec Lot 54/8: "Similar fragments of limestone-hand holding two birds, figure of hawk, hieroglyphs, etc. Deir-el-Bahri". Part of the Wellcome Collection donated to the museum in 1971, assigned an accession number in 2014.