Wedding Bouquet



This paper bouquet was carried by Fran Peacock at her wedding to her partner, Angharad, on 3 May 2015 at Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool. They tell us more about their special day. “We got married in front of about 140 family and friends. Angharad is a Christian and Fran is an Atheist. The Unitarians, the minister and congregation welcomed us both. One of our wedding songs was ‘Bare Necessities’ and another was ‘World in Union’; and at the end we walked out to a Star Wars tune played on the organ. We had our reception at Sefton Park Palm House because we both love it there. We’d had a joint hen-do and one of our bridesmaids made sashes for us both to wear. Fran made our wedding bouquets. Fran’s bouquet consists of maps from the couple’s family and relationship history, including Scarborough, Sheffield, Chester, North Wales and Anglesey. Getting married meant that we got to stand up and make our vows to each other in front of those we care about and who care about us. For Angharad it also meant that she could do that in a church. Since then it has meant that each of us knows that whatever life throws our way we're in it together. Also, when one of us was hospitalised in an emergency recently it meant we could speak as each other’s ‘wife’- in practical terms it is a legal status which makes some processes in life clear and simple for everyone”.