Wedjat Eye Tile



A large square tile of a wedjat (eye of Horus) of pale blue/green faience. Raised relief for eye, eyebrow, square border and cornice moulding at the top. An unusual piece. Incomplete with top right corner missing. Surface loss in many places. Large auction label on the back adhered to surface (Sotheby's 1922), and another on the front with the printed number 167. Collected by Rev. William MacGregor (source not recorded). His collection was sold at Sotheby's London, June/July 1922 in a nine day sale where Sir Henry Wellcome acquired the object for the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Incomplete, surface loss, pigment loss, label adhered to surface on front and back. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no.13920; Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor collection), Lot 167.