Witness Paintings: Trial



A small watercolour showing a trial scene, there is Tibetan commentary of the events written on the watercolour. On the stage two Chinese officers and a Tibetan women sit, one man is clapping. In front of them a Tibetan woman is berating a Tibetan man, she is crying, the man whose ear she is holding is bloodied. In front of the stage to the left, a group of Tibetan women stand bowing, they are under Chinese armed guard. To the right a Chinese officer encourages a group of Tibetan men and women to cheer. In front of the stage lies a badly beaten monk (inventory record describes the monk as being dead). Behind the stage we see a women, who is described in the Tibetan commentaries as a women of poor character, at a doorway to a house, a Chinese officer has his arm around her. The name of the artist is recorded as Lobsang Cheatan.