This is Your Life



ID: A TV script with the words "This Is Your Life" typewritten at the top. It lists the different crew members working on the episode, and a schedule for the day, including camera rehearsals and breaks. It says the episode was recorded on Monday, 24th April, 1961. This script was used in the 1961 recording of Major Sir Benn Jack Brunel Cohen KBE’s ‘This Is Your Life’ TV appearance. The popular TV show (1955-2003), surprised public figures with an interview about their lives, revealing key individuals in person throughout. Cohen was caught unaware at home by host Eamonn Andrews. Cohen was a Conservative MP and disability rights campaigner from Liverpool. He was MP for Liverpool Fairfield from 1918 to 1931. Throughout his political career and beyond, Brunel Cohen campaigned widely for the rights of disabled ex-servicemen. Cohen became a disability rights campaigner following a battlefield injury at Ypres in 1917, after which he had both legs amputated. He played a key role in the founding of the Royal British Legion, which provides vital support for members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans, and their families. In this extract, featured in the script, veteran Alfred Hughes remembers Cohen’s impact on his life. Eamonn Andrews: “Alfred, you say he sent you to school?” Alfred: “That’s right – A Taxi School! You see, the [British] Legion started up a Taxi School so that a certain number of us could qualify to become taxi drivers. It took nine months to qualify, but the Legion gave us a grant which allowed us to live during that period. So, we were able to end up with a job and a future. He was an ex-serviceman himself, and he understood us and our problems (although he had money of his own, he didn’t just bury his head in the sand). He started to fight for proper pensions for us. He wanted us to get a fair crack of the whip, and he didn’t want ex-servicemen pushed into dead-end jobs. (To Sir Brunel). I’m very grateful, Sir, for what you’ve done for the men of my generation”.