Letter to Gordon Nash

This letter from the Museum of Liverpool's social history collection was sent to Gordon Nash at Walton Jail in 1986. At the time he was serving a short sentence for civil disobedience relating to the Snowball Campaign. This was a CND campaign of non-violent civil disobedience in which participants each cut one strand of the wire fence at military bases.

During the 3 year campaign there were around 2,500 arrests and many activists were sent to jail for non-payment of fines (including Gordon). His campaign focused on BNFL Capenhurst, near Ellesmere Port.  

The letter was written on 'Snowball civil disobedience campaign' headed paper. The envelope that it was sent in, both sides of which are shown here, has been decorated with snowballs and the following quotations and slogans:

"Non-violence is more powerful than all the armaments in the world. Gandhi

The right to survive is the overriding priority - Pugwash Council.

Nothing in the world is more important than disarmament

Don't sit on the fence - cut it - Snowball"

The following message has also been written on the back of the envelope:

"The Snowball, non-violence campaign will stop, if our government does one of three things:
1 Votes in favour of multilateral disarmament proposals in the UN no matter how the US votes
2 Supports nuclear freeze proposals.
3 Takes an independant step towards disarmament (cancelling Trident or returning Cruise.)"

Accession number MOL.2011.86

letter and envelope illustrated with snowball images and slogans