old drum painted in bright colours with a crown painted on the side

Revenue Corps drum, circa 1794

A base drum associated with the Irish Revenue Corps, a volunteer military unit from around 1794. The unit was made up of Irish revenue officers in Dublin. They were keen to show their support for a call to arms in defence of the King and country against Napoleonic invasion. French invasion led by Napoleon was a real possibility at the close of the 18th century. Volunteer units across the country, including government officials in Ireland, were rapidly established. This drum is decorated with its royal crest and Irish harp, a symbol of Irish support for the war against France. It is one of three Irish Revenue Corps drums held in the collection of the Border Force National Museum. They were once displayed in Kings Beam House, a former Customs headquarters in London.  

This drum is not currently on display but you can see many other fascinating items from the collection of the Border Force National Museum in the Seized! gallery in the basement of Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Accession number CENM1998.5.1