Marjorie's album

sketch of a policeman talking to a man who has been knocked to the ground

This sketch, signed and dated February 1918, is from an album of cartoons, drawings and postcards reflecting life at home in Liverpool and on the Front during the First World War. It was collated by talented sketcher Marjorie Alice Drinkwater, who was born in 1901. The caption reads:

Village Constable (to villager who has been knocked down by passing motor cyclist): "You didn't see the number, but could swear to the man?"
Villager: "I did, but I don't think he heard me."

An inscription on the inside cover of the album reads, 'Marjorie A. Drinkwater, 47 Island Rd., Garston, Christmas 1917'. 

Marjorie's beloved brother Hugh volunteered and was serving on the Western Front. 

This album, which is not currently on display, is from the Museum of Liverpool's social and community history collection.

Accession number MOL.2012.42.1