Cunard Clerical Staff by Land and Sea

open book, showing portraits of men in uniform, with their m=names and details underneath

This year's advent calendar features items relating to the First World War from National Museums Liverpool.

This booklet was published by Cunard, presumably around 1916. Its introduction explains the contents:

"The photographs in this brochure are confined merely to members of the clerical staff ashore and afloat who joined up within the first twelve months of the war.  No attempt has been made to include the vast numbers who are serving in the R.N. and R.F. Reserves, and on Cunard ships employed by the Government as Transports and Armed Cruisers, nor those men engaged in the vital work of the Mercantile Marine."

The booklet contains a photograph of the men, along with their name, the Cunard department they worked for and the regiment they had joined. In many cases this was the King’s Liverpool Rifles. There are also added notes if the man has died or been injured.

Among the men featured on this page is AH Burden from Cunard Pursers’ Department, who joined the Royal Naval Reserve and drowned in the Lusitania disaster.

The item is one of a number of rolls of honour or records of service held by the Maritime Archives and Library at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Maritime Archives and Library reference DX/2602