Felix the Cat at the Walker Art Gallery

woman looking at an enormous inflatable cat in the Walker Art Gallery

If you visit the Walker Art Gallery this Christmas you'll notice this huge inflatable Felix the Cat peering down at the café from the first floor.

This artwork is called Inflatable Felix. It is one of two installations by Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey currently on display at the Walker, in the exhibition ZOO LOGIC by Mark Leckey. This exhibition also includes FEELINTHECAT, a 70th Anniversary Commission for the Arts Council Collection. 

Leckey is known for his long-standing interest in moving image and broadcast technology and, specifically, in Felix the Cat. A Felix doll on a gramophone turntable was the first picture to be transmitted on TV in America in 1928.

"I liked that it was a two dimensional cartoon that became a three dimensional doll, that then became this electronic entity that got broadcast out into the ether. For me, Felix symbolises the way in which technology blends the real and virtual worlds."
Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey was born in 1964 in Birkenhead, and lives in London. He won the Turner Prize in 2008. His artwork includes sculpture, sound, video and performance. He is fascinated by the power of images, music, objects and technology.


Arts Council Collection

ZOO LOGIC by Mark Leckey is an Arts Council Collection National Partner Exhibition. Arts Council Collection is managed by Southbank Centre on behalf of Arts Council England. @A_C_Collection #ACCNationalPartner

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