Cat marionette

.cat puppet on strings.

‘Wolohan's Marionettes’ was a family run puppet theatre based in Liverpool, operated by John and Margaret Wolohan from the 1920s. They performed at many schools, delighting local children.

Each production was created entirely by Mr and Mrs Wolohan. The couple made the marionettes, wrote the scripts and worked the dolls, altering their voices to suit each character.

Mr Wolohan was a musician in the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and played the violin and xylophone. He wrote and composed all of the music for each show. This jaunty moggy is part of the collection of marionettes and played the part of the cat in ‘Dick Whittington and his Cat’. 

This marionette, which is not currently on display, is from the Museum of Liverpool’s social and community history collection.

Accession number MLL.2005.37.11