Egyptian cats that you can unwrap this Christmas!

Egyptian cat cuddly toy

As it gets closer to Christmas, presents start appearing under the tree ready for the big day. It can be hard to resist the temptation to unwrap them early and discover what's inside.

If you are fighting this temptation then spare a thought for the curators and conservators at World Museum who look after our world class collection of Egyptian mummies, for these precious objects can never be unwrapped to avoid damaging them. This means that for many centuries the secrets of our mummies have remained hidden.

Fortunately recent advances in technology have made it possible to see beneath the mummies' bandages without causing them any harm, using x-rays and scanning. These techniques have shown that some of the mummies in our current exhibition Animal Mummies Revealed were not all that they appeared. One was believed to be a mummified cat until an x-ray revealed the skeletons of several serpents inside! Find out more on the blog.

If you want to give a gift with no unpleasant surprises inside then we have lots of great Christmas present ideas in our online shop. There's also a great range of Animal Mummies Revealed exhibition merchandise, including this rather lovely plush Bast Cat. Egyptian gods have never looked so cute!