'Dog with a Slipper' by Edwin Henry Landseer

dog carrying a slipper

This black retriever is shown holding a green slipper in its mouth while waiting patiently at the cottage door to be let in.

Landseer (1802-1873) achieved great wealth and fame for his grand hunting and deerstalking scenes set in the Scottish Highlands. The retriever is a type of gun dog that retrieves game after hunting.

Here the dog is not shown in action but in a domestic setting. Landseer has captured the wonderful effect of the dog's fluffy fur by using broad coarse brush strokes and small specks of white to create texture and tone.

  • Oil paint on canvas
  • Bequeathed by Emma Holt in 1944
  • Accession number WAG 249

This painting, from Sudley House's collection, is not currently on display. However you can find dogs in several of the other paintings at Sudley House, including:

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  • View on the Clyde by Nasmyth
  • The Windmill by Creswick
  • Landscape, Morning by Creswick
  • Pastoral, Mountain Shepherd by Linnell
  • Landscape by Stark