Bowl of a tobacco pipe

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This pipe bowl, in the shape of a boxer dog’s head, is part of a collection of personal items that belonged to John Henry Hesketh, Junior 2nd Engineer on board RMS Titanic. He was from Kirkdale and joined Liverpool’s White Star Line as an apprentice aged 14. He served aboard several ships and when he joined Titanic in 1912 he was 33 years old.

Hesketh was in Boiler Room 6 when Titanic collided with the iceberg, and scrambled through the doorway of the passage into Boiler Room 5 before the watertight door closed. Sadly he died in the sinking, and his body was never recovered.

The pipe and other personal items were donated to Merseyside Maritime Museum by his great-niece, Mrs Barbara M Beagan. It is on display in Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story.

  • Accession number MMM.1998.29.3