The mystery of the brindle dog

taxidermied dog

The zoology department at World Museum Liverpool has about 4,000 mounted specimens in its collection, including some exotic and unusual species from all over the world.

Something that you might not expect to find in the museum's stores is this brindle dog, which appears to be a perfectly ordinary pet animal, just like thousands more across the country. How did this come to be part of the museum's collection?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the dog was an active fundraiser in Liverpool during the Second World War. However we don't know very much about him (or her!) The only clue to the dog's identity is a metal plate on its collar which is inscribed 'G. WILLIAMS, 43 SOHO STREET'. We believe that this is the name and address of the taxidermist.

Do you remember seeing the dog in Liverpool during the war? Do you know who G Williams is? Or could you identify what breed the dog is?

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