Nikki Bainbridge, Border Force Officer

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Nikki Bainbridge is a serving Border Force Officer and part of a specialist search team. Her role can take her to the remote depths of modern ships, hidden from view and only safely explored with team support and specialist equipment.     

Meeting and filming with Nikki has given the museum a unique insight into her role as we work with her to develop new gallery content. You will be able to see her story in the Seized! gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum in 2019, as part of our new displays.

"I am a Border Force Officer on the National Deep Rummage Team, based at Immingham. I joined the department in 2004 and joined the team in 2012.

In my current role I search both commercial vessels and pleasure crafts as part of a specialised team. I can be deployed to all ports in the United Kingdom on an intelligence led basis. 

With my team I have been involved in multiple seizures including over seven tonnes of cocaine, firearms, offensive weapons and the detection of stowaways.

Rarely are any two days the same, whilst there is always a vessel  involved, the hiding place can be complex and searches can involve the use of breathing apparatus and line access equipment to be able to locate the illegal goods.

Protecting the borders is challenging, varied but most importantly rewarding environment to work in."

The Seized! gallery displays the collections of the Border Force National Museum. You can visit it in Merseyside Maritime Museum, at the Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool.