Lady Diana Beauclerk (1734-1808) and
Lady Elizabeth Templetown (1747-1823)

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Lady Beauclerk was Lady of the Bed Chamber to Queen Charlotte and an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. Lady Templetown was a Baroness.

Both were also artists and from 1783-1789 they supplied drawings to potter Josiah Wedgwood. He used his links with these noble women to boost sales.

The charming designs they created for his ceramics, including the decorative white 'sprigging' on the examples shown here, were very popular with his wealthy female customers.

The tea set and vase shown above are both on display in Room 3 of the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

  • Tea set, lilac jasperware, decorated with white 'sprigging' designed by Lady Elizabeth Templetown
  • Made by Wedgwood, Staffordshire, 1785-1800
  • Accession numbers LL 1187 to LL 1192 


  • Vase, blue jasperware, decorated with white 'sprigging' designed by Lady Diana Beauclerk
  • Made by Wedgwood, Staffordshire, 1786-1800
  • Accession number LL 1504