The Beatles collections

The Beatles collections

National Museums Liverpool's collections include a range of Beatles related material, chronicling their careers from the early days in the Cavern to solo projects after the band split up. Some of our highlight objects are featured here.

Beatlemania created an enormous demand for a huge variety of merchandise related to the 'Fab Four'. Our collections include many examples collected by fans, as well as some more unique and significant pieces, such as the stage on which John and Paul first met.

Musical ephemera from our collections range from unusual Beatles records to packaging for a Beatles guitar string. Beatles' fans no doubt hoped that using strings endorsed by their heroes might help inspire their own creativity.

The Beatles' clothing was an important part of their image. Many fans tried to copy their style, while others declared their love for their heroes by wearing Beatles related merchandise, like the sneakers and stockings featured here.

Of course, the creative talents of The Beatles were not limited to their musical abilities. John Lennon and his original bandmate Stuart Sutcliffe both attended the Liverpool Art School and have received wide acclaim as artists. Our collections include original pieces by Stuart and reproductions of John's drawings.

The story of The Beatles didn't finish when the band split up in 1970. As well as reflecting their solo projects, the collections also show how the city of Liverpool celebrates their legacies.