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Stage from St Peter's Church Hall

wooden stage, with steps at the side

"That day was the day that I met Paul. The day it all started moving." John Lennon

"...to some, The Beatles began on The Ed Sullivan Show; or in Hamburg; or at The Cavern... but to my mind, where it all began was in 1957 at St Peter's Church Hall in Woolton, Liverpool." Jim O'Donnell, journalist and author

At the side of this ordinary-looking church hall stage musical history was made. This was where a 15 year old Paul McCartney first met John Lennon.

As John Lennon and The Quarrymen skiffle group waited to go on stage at St Peter's Church Hall Fete, Paul played one of his favourite songs 'Twenty Flight Rock'. John was impressed and a few weeks later he asked Paul to join the band.

The rest is history - The Quarrymen became The Beatles.

Accession number MLL.2005.54

BBC A History of the World season

This was one of the featured objects in the BBC 'A History of the World' season.