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Liverpool and the May Blitz, 1941

In 1941 Liverpool was targeted by German Luftwaffe over a 7 day period from 1 to 7 May, causing enormous damage. This May Blitz was the most concentrated series of air attacks on any British city area outside London during the Second World War. 

Bombed out! World Museum and the Blitz

The online exhibition, Bombed Out! World Museum and the Blitz tells the story of the night the museum nearly died on 3 May 1941.

Bomb damage in Liverpool 

From our Museum of Liverpool collections, photographs show how Liverpool was affected by bomb damage

Liverpool's docks and the Blitz

Photographs and records from our collections help tell the story of Liverpool's docks and the Blitz including Albert Dock and also what happened when the ammunition ship 'SS Malakand' blew up in Huskisson Branch Dock Number 2.


Did you know?

During the Blitz in May 1941, 681 planes dropped 870 tonnes of high explosives and more than 112,000 firebombs on Liverpool.

A day in the life of the Blitz