Crypto Connections: Exploring the Personal

Crypto Connections: Exploring the Personal

This online collection is the outcome of a project which explored our relationship to our personal possessions and museum artefacts.

Participants each chose both a personal possession and a museum object or artwork from National Museums Liverpool's collection that they felt a connection to. This online exhibition presents these museum objects and the personal possessions of the participants.

About the project

We all own objects. Some of these objects are more special than others and are things which we have a personal connection to. They may seem entirely ordinary to others, yet to us, they are among our most treasured possessions.

In a similar way, we can sometimes have a personal connection to a museum artefact. When we look at an artwork or an artefact, we can find ourselves moved or engaged by then, and they can sometimes become important to our lives or personalities. Like our personal objects, the reason we relate to certain museum artefacts is based on our personal experiences. 

To explore this, we invited a group of participants to take part in a workshop where they each presented a personal possession and chose a museum artefact from the collections of the National Museums Liverpool. This online collection presents these museum objects and the personal possessions of the participants and explores the relationship between the two.

Each of these objects have been transformed into crypto-collectibles which are digital objects tracked on a blockchain. These collectables were then passed on to the participants to keep. Blockchain technology creates a provenance for digital assets and provides us with a way of proving authenticity and ownership of a digital thing.