History of Tibet: The Blue Annals

Description: A block printed Tibetan manuscript or pecha. A copy of the History of Tibet: The Blue Annals by 'gos gzhon nu dpal [gZhon-nu-dpal (1392-1481)]. The manuscript has 573 folios and there are line drawings of Śantarakshita in the left and 'Go lotsāwa gZhon nu dPal in the right corner. The manuscript is wrapped in a gold coloured cotton cloth that has a red diamond applique motif at the end of the cloth, the manuscript is then supported by two deep red lacquer wooden book covers (which are too short for the manuscript), that are green on the inside and secured with a simple woven braid tie with a brass clasp.

Place collected: Not recorded
Date collected: 1919 before
Measurements: Overall: 120 mm x 605 mm x 110 mm; 4 3/4 in x 23 13/16 in x 4 5/16 in
Type: Writing

Note: Curator's note: The descriptions and page translations found in the inscriptions field have been provided by Dr Karma Phuntsho, during cataloguing for, 'The Tibetan-Mongolian Rare Books and Manuscripts (TMRBM) project', University of Cambridge. Other copies can be found in the Tibetan Book Resource Center, TBRC: W7494. There are two duplicate copies of the title page. Inventory card notes that this is a Kundeling edition. A white label is attached to the pecha cover, on one side is the title of the volume in uchen script, on the other, in Bell's handwriting, the name of the volume in English and, 'A20' and 'badly printed'. This is one of two copies that Bell owned of this text, both came from well known sources. Bell records in his book, Religion of Tibet, 'My friend, 'Great Minister' Shatra, the wise old statesman who died in 1919, gave me one of my copies of this valuable work. The print, however is often indistinct, and so the Dalai Lama gave me another copy from the same block, and it is on the whole clear. That it is not quite so distinct as the numerous other volumes that he sent me is due, as His Holiness explains in his letter, to the block being old'. Written by Emma Martin
Accession no: 50.31.111
Other number(s): N58.2014 [Photography Number]; TB12 (on pecha cloth cover) [Collector Number]
Inscription text: Incipit: de ltar gangs can gyi khrod du dam pa'i chos 'byung ba'i tshul rags pa bshad nas / de ltar gangs can gyi khrod du dam pa'i chos 'byung ba'i tshul rags pa bshad nas / Explicit: dpal ldan lo tsā ba chen po bsod nams rgya mtsho'i sdes bkas bskul nas / chos bzhin pa'i rgyu dang rkyen gyi dngos po phun sum tshogs pa sbyar zhing / thog mar par yig rnams rje btsun lo tsā ba chen po'i dgongs pa ji lta bar yul dbus kyi sa'i cha dol lhun grub lha rtser ris med pa'i bstan pa la che cher rim gro mdzad pa dpal rdo rje bde mas bdag rkyen mdzad de rje btsun nyid kyi gsung gi rjes su 'jug pa'i bshes gnyen dam pa dpal chos kyi rgyal mtshan dang / ma hā stha bi ra dge legs dpal mgon te sgrin zhing rigs par spyod pa'i blo'i nor can rnam pa gnyis kyis zhus shing dag par byed pa dang / rgyu dang 'bras bu'i theg pa mtha' dag la rigs pa dang grol bar smra' ba'i spobs pa dge ba can shar dags po pa dpal phyogs thams cad las rnam par rgyal ba'i lha zhes bya bas rkyen du 'phrod pa'i ched du bya ba ched thang du sbyar la / yi ge'i rig byed pa ni dol rig pa'i 'byung gnas pa nyi shar bkra shis zhes bya ba dang brkos kyi rig byed pa ni grangs pa rgyal mtshan zhes bya ba slob mar bcas pa'i lag pa'i 'du byed dge ba'i las su sad pa las / lcags mo glang gi lo nas brtsams te / phun sum tshogs pa'i dpal 'byor gyi chu bo ma tshang ba med pa 'du ba'i gzhi / dmyal zhes bya ba'i sa'i thig lo chos rgyal lhun po zhes ba'i pho brang chen por legs par bsgrubs te / de'i dge ba rgyal .....bod kyi yul du chos dang chos smra ba ji ltar byung ba'i rim pa 'di ni / chos kyi rgyal po srong btsan 'khrungs nas lo brgyad rgya dang lnga bcu pa la bab pa sa pho byi'i lo la / dpal kun tu bzang po'i nags 'dab rang byung bdud rtsi'i rgyun can mngon par dga' ba'i chos rdzong du chos smra ba'i btsun pa gzhon nu dpal zhes bya bas nye bar sbyar ba'o / / 'dis kyang rgyal ba'i bstan pa rin po che sgo mtha' dag nas phyogs thams cad du dar zhing rgyas la yun ring du gnas par gyur cig / / na mo ratna ... shu bhamastu sarba dzagatam //.
Inscriber:'gos gzhon nu dpal
Inscription language: Tibetan
Inscription script: Tibetan
Inscription transliteration: deb gter sngon po las / tshogs sde bzhi sogs dge 'dun gyi sde ji ltar byung ba dang / zhu lan / par du bzhengs pa'i skabs ba [margin]
Inscription method: Printed
Inscription description: BP paper , 573ff. 100x560 [leaves] 50x420 [written] , Line drawings of Śantarakṣhita in the left and 'Go lotsāwa gZhon nu dPal in the right corner. The book is wrapped with nice cover and has a silk label and wooden cover. Foliation: f.-: left, tib, pag. Condition: good.
Inscription note: oṃ svasti / 'phags bod rgyal bstan ris med srol chen rnams / / ji ltar 'byung dang de 'dzin skyes mchog gi / / rnam thar chos 'byung legs bshad gter chen po / / mkhas mchog 'gos lo gzhon nu dpal gyi gsung / 1 / dpyod ldan skal bzang yongs kyi mgrin pa'i rgyan / / deb ther sngon po zhes grags 'di yi par / / deng sang dus su lha ldan rgyal khab kyi / / nye 'dab dga' ldan brtan bzhugs chos 'khor ram / / dbus gtsang kun bde gling du grags pa der / / bzhugs pa'i 'gro don 'phrin las srid mtha'i bar / / rab rgyas yangs pa'i sa chen kun khyab pa'i / / dge legs 'dzad med yid bzhin 'jo gyur cig / / ces pa yang chos 'byung deb ther sngon po'i par rnying snga thog yangs pa can du bzhugs pa bal bod bde gzar skabs 'kyar ba'i par shing bor stor byung ba rnams tshad bsab gsar bskos dang / / mi gsal ba rnams par bsang gis zhabs tog bsgrubs ste 'gro don slad / / bar ri dbus gtsang kun bde gling du bzhugs su gsol ba'i par byang smon tshig 'di yang rta tshag pa ye shes blo bzang bstan pa'i mgon pos sbyar ba dge / / khyon sdom shog grangs 485 bzhugs / /.