Framed colour print of the Kremlin

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Description: Framed colour print of, “Moscow: sacred gate of the Kremlin”. A sepia tone print, tinted with colour and gold. Shows a square with people. Behind them there is a battlemented wall. In the centre, a brick clock tower with a spire and a gate with three arches of red brick. Beyond the tower and the walls the domed roofs of the Kremlin can be seen.

Place collected: Europe: Eastern Europe: Russia: Moscow
Date collected: 1935
Measurements: Overall: 385 mm x 320 mm
Type: Photography

Note: Curator's note: Following his trip to Mongolia, China, Japan and Manchuria in 1934-35, Bell returned to Europe via the trans-Siberian railway. Its seems highly likely that he bought this framed picture, on a stop at Moscow during this journey. Written by Emma Martin.
Accession no: 50.31.144

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