Religious Figure / Lhamo Maksorma

Description: Cast brass statue of Lhamo Maksorma, an aspect of Palden Lhamo. She sits side saddle on a mule with a saddle blanket made of human skin (her son's flayed skin). She has a bulging vertical wisdom eye between her bushy eyebrows and two natural eyes. She has flame-like hair that floats up around a crown of skulls. In her right hand she holds a sword; in her left a trident and begging bowl. She wears the ornaments of powerful protection, behind her is a flaming nimbus, reflecting her protecting nature. The base is a lotus pedestal.

Place collected: Not recorded
Date collected: 1912-12-31 before
Measurements: Overall: 146 mm x 115 mm x 50 mm; 5 3/4 in x 4 1/2 in x 1 15/16 in
Type: Religion

Note: List of Curios No. 10: Per Barmiak Lama 31st December 1912. Brass figure riding on a mule with a brass background of horse-shoe shape. The Lama says it looks like Lha-Mo Mak-sor-ma, a gelukpa deity of war. In his right hand he holds a sword; in his left a trident (ka-tram) and a begging bowl. The horse-shoe background represents flames and indicates the fierce nature of the deity. See also the figure of Tam-drin in the scroll (No. 7) These flames, called Me-ri, are placed only by the fierce (trak-po) deities. (Bell she is described as a he here).
Accession no: 50.31.62
Other number(s): N58.2049 [Photography Number]