Religious Figure / Jampalyang

Description: Copper gilt statue of Manjushri / Jampalyang, Bodhisattva of Wisdom seated in the lotus position on a double lotus pedestal. He wears the five jewelled crown and ornaments of the Bodhisattva and these are studded with turquoise coloured glass, although some stones are missing. Resting on a lotus stem, behind his left shoulder, is a manuscript and he holds a sword in his upper right hand; both these items represent wisdom. In his lower hands he holds a bow and arrow, a further sign of wisdom.

Place collected: Not recorded
Date collected: 1913-03-06 before
Measurements: Overall: 175 mm x 130 mm x 85 mm; 6 7/8 in x 5 1/8 in x 3 3/8 in
Type: Religion

Note: List of Curios No 186: Per Barmiak Lama on 6th March 1913. Image of four handed Jampeyang called Tsen-jö Jam-pe-yang. The image is of copper gilt, perhaps 50 or 60 years old. It is well-made. In one right hand he holds the "Sword of Knowledge", in one left a lotus stalk on the flower of which rests the "Book of Limitless Knowledge (she-chin). In the other pair of hands he carries the "Bow and Arrow of Knowledge". Round his body are two necklaces. Curator's note: Tibet Catalogue 1953 refers to this object as 50.31.63. Bell makes no reference to how this piece was acquired or where it is from. Written by Emma Martin
Accession no: 50.31.64
Other number(s): CB18 [Collector Number]