Flageolet / Gyaling

Description: One of a pair of wood and silver gilt flageolets or gyaling. The gyaling has a wooden neck, silver gilt mouth and mouthpiece. The mouth is decorated with lapis, turquoise and corals set into repoussé mounts. The gyaling has a detachable cover for the mouthpiece and a finial in the shape of a lotus. The instrument comes with a modern case of wood covered in red cotton.

Place collected: Asia: Southern Asia: India: West Bengal: Darjeeling
Date collected: 1910-09-05
Measurements: Overall: 495 mm; x 19 1/2 in
Type: Religion; Music/sound

Note: List of Curios No 71: A pair of silver gilt Gyalings given me by the Dalai Lama on 5th September 1910. They come from the Nam-gye Tra-tsang , the College of Monks in the Potala. In modern frames covered with red cloth. They are blown before the Dalai Lama when he goes anywhere in the morning and evening. They were made by the Tibetan Government workers in gold and silver called (‘dod dpal) literally "one who makes things excellently according to his wishes". Only this artificers of the Tibetan government are called (‘dod dpal).
Accession no: 50.31.79a
Other number(s): 50.31.79a.1 [Previous Number]; DP Temp 3018 [Temporary Number]; CB9 [Collector Number]; N1958.1984 [Photography Number]