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Brian Epstein

Manager of The Beatles and Merseybeat bands

Brian Epstein was born in Liverpool in 1934 in to a middle class Jewish family. Despite dreams of becoming a dress maker or an actor, Epstein was given charge of the record department in his family’s store, North End Music Stores (NEMS), Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool city centre. When a second NEMS was opened in Whitechapel, in the city centre, Brian took over the running of the entire operation.
With an increasing interest in music, Brian attended a lunchtime concert at the Cavern club on 9 November 1961, where he first saw The Beatles perform. Brian signed The Beatles, the first time he had ever managed performers. He changed the band’s style and behaviour on stage and scouted for a recording contract. Through Epstein’s conviction, the band was signed to Parlophone Records in 1962 and through his successful management went on to become an international sensation.
Though The Beatles and other close friends knew of Brian’s homosexuality it was a secret that was kept from the public for a number of years. Brian died exactly one month after the legislation governing the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales became law on 27 July 1967. His death had been caused by a drug overdose; the inquest ruled it an accidental death. He is buried in Long Lane Jewish Cemetery, Aintree, Liverpool.
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