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Angela Eagle

MP for Wallasey

Angela Eagle was born in Bridlington, Yorkshire, in 1961. She moved to Liverpool before starting Formby High School in 1972. She studied at Oxford University, worked for one of the precursors of the Trade Union, Unison and became the first Labour MP for Wallasey in 1992.
In 1997 Eagle came-out, becoming the first MP to come out while in office and becoming the second openly gay female MP in UK history. Under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown she held a number of ministerial positions and was in the shadow cabinets of Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn. In 2008 Eagle formed a civil-partnership with her partner Maria Exall.
On 11 July 2016 Eagle launched a leadership challenge to the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. During this campaign Eagle allegedly received homophobic abuse and eight days later she withdrew her leadership bid and supported Owen Smith’s ultimately unsuccessful leadership campaign.
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