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Lady Seanne

Drag performer

Lady Seanne (aka Shaun McKenna) is a drag performer from Liverpool.

Shaun first went out on the gay scene in Liverpool in 1982 wearing drag so that he could get away with going into bars and clubs whilst still underage. In 1988 Shaun debuted in an all-male version of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’, his alter-ego Lady Seanne was born.
Shaun went on to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1990 to rave reviews in Shaun Duggan’s play, ‘All Lips and Sex’ and Andrew Sinister’s play, ‘Party Games’. Returning from the Fringe, Shaun joined “Liverpool’s First Transvestite Band”, ‘Whole New Dream’ who peaked at 498 in the UK Dance Charts. This led to Shaun, as Lady Seanne, working in the Liverpool club, Cream as a ‘female’ go-go dancer.
When Garlands opened in the mid 1990s Lady Seanne promoted and performed at the club. Whilst still performing in Garlands and nightclubs across the North West, Lady Seanne appeared on Noel Edmond’s House Party in 1996 and Emmerdale in 1997. In 1999 Shaun took a break from working in the clubs and began to work freelance as a DJ and entertainer.
In 2011 Shaun was punched and knocked unconscious in a homophobic attack in Liverpool’s ‘gay quarter’ around Stanley Street, suffering a broken jaw. The attacker was never caught.
Following the attack Shaun decided to go to college to study music and today can be found entertaining older people in his spare time as well as running a quiz and psychic bingo at The Lisbon and promoting and performing at Superstar Boudoir
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