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Gerry Potter

Poet, director, actor, author

Gerry Potter, was born and grew up in the Scotland Road area of the city.
He is an award-winning poet, playwright, director, actor and the creator and destroyer of diva Chloe Poems, his 'magnificent Scouse socialist gay transvestite gingham-clad incarnation'.

"The Everyman Youth Theatre was where I met gays, that's where I met my mate Brian who was so camp it was unbelievable. He was the first person I met who was camper than me, he normalised me because he was so much camper".

"This city is highly intellectual on so many levels, it's intellectual politically and creatively but it also has a feral intellect and it's unthought through, it's not written in stone, and it's not written in books and that belongs to the world I'm from, the Scottie Road end of where I'm from and its that which I think is the very essense of Liverpool"

Gerry Potter, from Our Story - Liverpool, 2008.
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