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Britomaris Unveiling Amoret

Our collections include artworks with a range of erotic imagery. 

Eroticism is a particular quality that can bring about feelings of sexual desire or arousal. The nature of what is considered ‘erotic’ is fluid. It changes depending upon both the individual’s own sexual taste and orientation, and the culture and time in which they live. Homoeroticism commonly refers to items created to, or which incidentally, sexually appeal to a gay or bisexual male audience. However, here we also include objects which show erotic experience between two women or relate to female same-sex desire. 

The sensory nature of visual art lends itself to the stimulation or expression of erotic and homoerotic desire. The male nude has been a dominant theme in art throughout history. More subtle erotic imagery ranges from sensuous fabric to phallic shaped objects. Lesbian desired is referenced in imagery by the poet Sappho as well as by characters from homoerotic fiction. 



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