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The Getty Foundation.

Principal investigator

Joanna Ostapkowicz, Curator of Americas collections, World Museum, National Museums Liverpool.

Joanna Ostapkowicz photographing-the Musee Barois reliquary

Joanna Ostapkowicz.

Wood identification

 Alex Wiedenhoeft

US Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Center for Wood Anatomy Research.

Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating

  • Christopher Bronk Ramsey
  • Fiona Brock
  • Tom Higham

Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, University of Oxford, UK.

  • Samuel Wilson, Department of Anthropology, University of Texas.
  • Mike Richards, Department of Human Evolution, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig.
  • Erika Ribechini, Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa.

3D laser scanning

  • Annemarie La Pensée
  • Joseph Parsons
  • Martin Cooper

Conservation Centre, National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

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Joanna Ostapkowicz studying the MMA cohoba stand. Alex Wiedenhoeft sampling the Kelsey duho. Christopher Bronk Ramsey sampling the Musee Barrois reliquary. Fiona Brock sampling the vomiting spatula, collections of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA), University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Tom Higham sampling the Turin wood carving. Annemarie La Pensée, National Museums Liverpool, 3D laser scanning the Musée Barrois reliquary. Joseph Parsons scanning the Turin cotton cemí.


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