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Some of the sculptures selected for 3D scanning, shown here roughly to scale: (left to right) Musée Barrois reliquary (H: 460mm); SLAM duho, St Louis Art Museum (H: 605mm); MMA cohoba stand (H: 665mm); Quai Branly duho (H: 425mm) and the Turin cotton cemí (H:550mm).

More than 300 pre-Hispanic organic (wood and cotton) sculptures survive in museums and private collections. For the pre-Hispanic Caribbean sculptural arts project, 66 sculptures were studied. These ranged from ceremonial objects such as duhos (seats), cemís (representations of spirits and ancestors) and reliquaries, to utilitarian bowls, paddles and adze handles. The five pieces explored in these web pages are all Hispaniolan (today’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

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Further information

  • Duhos are low seats or stools in a variety of styles, usually in the form of a crouching figure. Some have high-backs that were used to lean against, while others are more stool-like (low-back).
  • Cemís are depictions of spirits and ancestors in any form and medium, or their animating force.