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SLAM duho: AMS radiocarbon dating results

St Louis Art Museum, St Louis, MO, USA

Accession number 168:1981

Friends Fund and Primitive Art Society Fund in honour of Morton D May

front and back view of wooden figure

The SLAM duho is carved fromGuaiacum sp. The duho was sampled in two places for AMS radiocarbon dating: within an area of sapwood on the back of the left leg, and within the left side of the mouth for the resin. These two different materials were sought to give insight into the sequence of manufacture, from the felling of the tree to the final inlays and finish. The sapwood is the ideal area from which to sample, as this is the closest one can reasonably come in a sculpture to the possible felling date. The resin date provides insight into when the inlays were inserted, and hence when the piece was being finished. 

There is very good overlap of the two dates, suggesting that the piece was consistent with a single phase of manufacture at some point between AD 1298-1433 (95.4% combined confidence). Based on the resin date, we can confine this further, to ca. AD 1390-1433 (67.4%).


Graph showing calibrated results from SLAM (Kelsey) duho – BP 596 ± 26 (wood).


Graph showing calibrated results from SLAM (Kelsey) duho – BP 543 ± 25 (resin).

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