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Conservation and collections science

Sustainable radiography for Cultural Materials in the 21st century with Bradford University, 2008-12

Image of ship model showing regular photograph next to radiographic image

A collaborative PhD project funded by the Science and Heritage Program ( AHRC/EPSRC ) aiming to develop best practice for the capture, digital image processing, storage and dissemination of digital X-radiographic images in the investigation of cultural materials.

Laser scanning 

Using a laser to scan a sculpture

Research on applications of 3D laser scanning in museums.

Low energy solutions for collections environmental control

Research and testing of low energy solutions. This includes research into the performance of museum showcases, and testing other passive environmental control methods as alternatives to air conditioning.

The Pre-Hispanic Caribbean Sculptural Arts in Wood project

Funded by the Getty Foundation and British Academy (2008-2010).

Dr Joanna Ostapkowicz

Joanna photographing the Taíno reliquary in the collections of the Musée Barrois, Bar-le-Duc, France (Acc. No. 850.20.38).

Dr Joanna Ostapkowicz, curator of Americas collection, led a multi-disciplinary team in the first detailed study of Taíno wood carving traditions. Sixty-six sculptures from 20 institutions in 8 different countries have undergone AMS radiocarbon dating and analysis to identify the woods they were carved from, the resins used in inlays and the pigments used to finish them. The results are beginning to challenge established views of the age of these carvings, and their ephemeral nature. Several articles have been written and you can find out more in the Pre-Hispanic Caribbean sculptural arts project section of this website.

For further information on any of these research projects, please contact research@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk