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people wearing traditional Nigerian costume in 1960s Liverpool

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Explore Black social history within National Museums Liverpool's collections through this online display featuring highlights from our history museums.

As part of the Sankofa project we want to investigate our collections to help reveal the social and cultural lives and histories of Liverpool’s Black communities. You will find objects from the Museum of Liverpool and International Slavery Museum that reveal the lives of individuals and communities within the city. From the traditional clothing of Thomas Oladipo Kuforiji to the Black musical map of Liverpool 8. Our Black Community Trail (pdf) highlights some of the key objects on display in the Museum of Liverpool.

The objects and archives of the Merseyside Maritime Museum help reveal the strong links between West Africa and Liverpool. Many people settled in Liverpool because of these strong ties. Our recent exhibition Black Salt explored the pioneering work of Black seafarers as well as the challenges they faced.

Take a look at the selection of objects from our museums below.

Sankofa project

Working together to explore Liverpool's Black experience.

About the project 

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Dress with family photographs printed on the fabric

Helen Woolstencroft: from migration to me

In this guest blog for the Sankofa project and as part of Black History Month, artist Helen Woolstencroft reveals how family and history play an important role in her sense of identity as an artist.

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