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Exploring Liverpool's Black experience - Sankofa project » In our own words - oral histories

drawing of Liverpool people and places, with extracts from conversations with them

In our own words

Stories from Liverpool's Black community

"There's loads of people in our community with skills and abilities and trade which you just don't know about..."
Michelle Peterkin-Walker, artist and founder of Akoma Arts

Learn about the rich cultural and social heritage of Liverpool’s Black communities from the people themselves. Listen to some of their personal stories and experiences of life, music, family, community and the struggles and joys faced by people of African descent in this city.

It is impossible to give a true picture of the important contributions Black people have made both past and present, to the wider history of this city through our collections alone. The Sankofa project aims to reveal this often hidden history by bringing together the voices, stories and histories of Liverpool’s Black communities with the Black social history objects in our collections. We will continue to add more voices through the Sankofa project. In doing so, we hope to provide a richer, deeper and more accurate record of Liverpool’s Black heritage.

"I always say Derry Wilkie is our Little Richard because he was such a showman, he was brilliant"
Rita Martelli, volunteer

Sankofa project

Working together to explore Liverpool's Black experience.

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Dress with family photographs printed on the fabric

Helen Woolstencroft: from migration to me

In this guest blog for the Sankofa project and as part of Black History Month, artist Helen Woolstencroft reveals how family and history play an important role in her sense of identity as an artist.

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